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At Belvedere Commons, assisted living and memory care services are provided. These services lend a helping hand for activities of daily living such as personal hygiene and eating. This retirement facility has some policies some other retirement communities do not offer, such as “All day dining” which allows the resident to have a say on when they will eat meals and “Graceful Stays’ which allows possible residents to stay for a few days or a week (respite care in other words) to somewhat get a feel of the retirement community life and decide if living in this location works for him or her. Close proximity to hospitals, shopping and dining venues allows for many scenic and entertaining community outings. Find out more about Belvedere Commons by visiting their online site or by calling (615) 794-6693.

via Closetbox.com, March 2017

Dear Emily,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff are doing with my husband and dad.   The atmosphere at Belvedere is very comfortable and welcoming and the staff is kind and caring.  When Bob first moved in he told me he could  “feel the warmth.”  To me, that speaks volumes.  Even my dad (who rarely likes anything) loves the food!  I am thankful that they are both being cared for at Belvedere.

I hope this note brings a smile to your day.  It is well deserved.

Warm regards,

Kay E.

January, 2016

Our mother started out in respite care and ended up being a permanent resident of Belvedere Commons for the final 13 months of her life.  The staff was extremely compassionate and attentive to Mom's special needs. We would highly recommend Belvedere Commons to any family searching for an assisted living community.

September 2017

Erin & Bob Bowles

Excellent Individualized care My mother moved into Belvedere Commons almost a year ago.  She had previously lived in another assisted living facility for 3 years.  In her time at Belvedere we have seen positive changes in her attitude and behavior.  As soon as she moved in they swept her into a schedule of activities.  She has dementia and it would have been easy to let her stay in her room, but they persisted until now she follows a relatively active schedule of interaction with staff and other residents.  They provide an excellent variety of community involvement bringing in children, youth, musicians, pets, and religious groups.  Holiday changes are evident with an attractive flurry of decorations.  Her physical care has been excellent as well.  We are very relieved that she wears a wireless button she can push anywhere inside the building so that caretakers can tell she needs assistance.  There is an onsite nurse at all times and medical care brought in as needed such as physical therapist, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, etc.  Having  6 levels of care ensures that her needs can be adjusted as more care becomes necessary.  Belvedere is an active, caring community for some of our most fragile, but precious senior adults.

Susan Ramer

Susan Ramer

Belvedere Commons is the best kept secret in Williamson County! I have the perspective of experiencing all aspects of Belvedere, both Assisted Living for my parents together, and then Memory Care for my father after my mother passed away. I can’t say enough about the love and care our family has received! Even while we were preparing to move my parents, the people at Belvedere did everything they could to make my parents’ transition seamless. It didn’t take long for my folks to consider Belvedere home, instead of just the place they lived. My parents actually became more active after moving to Belvedere. I quickly learned to keep an activity calendar on hand so I knew when I’d be able to catch them at home! I think the thing that sets Belvedere apart is the staff. I don’t even like to call them “staff” because they feel like family to me. The commitment and love they demonstrate every day is incredible……caretakers who come in on their days off just to hang out with the residents, staff who sleep at Belvedere so they’re able to get to work when they know a winter storm is on the way, or crying with you during some of life’s difficult times….they really do it all! I frequently stop by Belvedere at various times of the day…..morning, noon and night, so I’ve seen everything. One thing I’m sure of, the people at Belvedere Commons are better able to care for and meet the needs of my father than I am. For that I will be forever grateful.

Robin Barrett

I am a case manager for Guardian Hospice assigned to Belvedere Commons of Franklin. I work in all the nursing facilities in Williamson County and the care givers at Belvedere Commons approach Residents in a very personal and family oriented way. The quality of care is the best that I have experienced in Williamson County in my 30 years of nursing here. What makes Belvedere Commons special is that they care for their residents like they are their own family.

Tom Holliday, RN, CAPC, MHA, Guardian Hospice

As a hospice nurse with patients that I have cared for over the last few years at Belvedere Commons, I have worked hand-in-hand with the nurses, staff, and Wellness Directors many times. Everyone is friendly and eager to keep the line of communication open to ensure the residents receive optimal care from all parties involved. The love and care that residents receive from each team member is evident at each of my visits to this beautiful facility. I have personally witnessed staff members going above and beyond to assist residents in any way possible to ensure each one feels even more at home. The best way that I can describe the environment as a whole is that the team members interact with each resident as if he or she were a sister, brother, mother, father, and personal friend.

The facility is beautiful, inviting, clean, friendly, service oriented, and I would not hesitate to place any of my family members here if the need were to arise.

Lisa Ciesliga, RN, Clinical Liaison for Willowbrook Hospice

As a professional social worker with many years of experience in the aging and mental health field, I highly recommend the care and service received by residents in the memory care area at Belvedere Commons in Franklin, TN. I became aware firsthand of their loving concern since they cared for my mother for over a year. From the direct care staff to administration and food service, residents are treated with respect and dignity which is the very best one hopes for at the end of life.

Diane Gramann

Over 11 years ago, both of my parents reached a point where they physically could not take care of themselves and needed to go to an assisted living facility. Luckily, we were pointed to Belvedere Commons. My dad is now in his 12th year at Belvedere and mom lived there for 10 years before having to go to a skilled nursing center.

Through all of these years, we have travelled many roads with the staff at Belvedere. And, they have consistently been a bright light in some very dark times. I have always been impressed with their professionalism, the care they provide for those who live there, their willingness to go the extra mile when needed, but most of all by their compassion.

Being a caregiver is not an easy job, even when those you are caring for live in a facility like Belvedere Commons. The staff at Belvedere has always been there for us to lighten the load in any way possible.

The care that my parents have and are receiving at Belvedere is excellent. Their staff shows real interest in their residents and provides excellent medical care and many choices of things to be involved in.

Since having to move mom to a local skilled nursing center and having numerous bad experiences there, I have learned to appreciate Belvedere Commons and how they operate even more. Their light shines even brighter to me now.

For anyone looking for a place for their loved one to live, I would highly recommend Belvedere Commons and their outstanding staff!

Corky French

We have been on the journey of dementia with mom for five to six years now. Her mental stability has gradually declined.

In February 2014, mom broke her arm and all her health issues became more severe including her dementia. This is when our roller coaster ride began, moving faster and with more hills and valleys.

Due to the break in her arm, mom required around the clock care, from February through July of 2014. We arranged for caregivers to come to her home, but we were never certain who would be caring for her on any given day.

In August of 2014, my sister, brother and I decided to move mom to Belvedere Commons of Franklin- Assisted Living Community. We were not ready for such a change, but it was time for a more stable situation. We fell in love with the staff and caregivers at Assisted Living. Everyone was kind to us, mom and the other residents. I visited mom several times a week and formed relationships with staff, caregivers and residents. Even though her care was important to the staff and caregivers, I do not think mom enjoyed or grew in the assisted living community. Mom would smile but did not talk much. She was by herself a lot and I believe lonely. There was much for her to do but she had lost her confidence and motivation to be a part of most activities.

On an evening in November 2014, after leaving Williamson Medical Center, mom relocated to Belvedere Commons of Franklin Memory Care Community. That was HARD, really Hard! We were not ready. Mom begged for me to not leave her. I was an emotional mess! My sister, brother, husband and myself were with her the evening of the move, stressing. A caregiver that had loved on mom at an earlier time at the assisted living community, came by with a radiant smile, warm hug and encouraging face. She again tenderly loved on our mom. She and mom conversed a little while, and this precious caregiver asked mom to show her where she lived. Mom stood, laughed and walked away from us. We heard mom say that she did not know where, but we will find it. They left the community room and we went home. Was it hard to walk away?—Oh my-YES!

As I write two months later, I see a more confident smiling, radiant face on my mom. She is more talkative and interacts with the staff, caregivers and residents. I have seen her play sporting activities with a competitive attitude. She has walked away from me on more than one occasion to go to her activity or special care giver. She tells me that I can come too!

What is different? Assisted Living Caregivers assist with love and care. Memory Care Caregivers assist, mother, touch, hug, encourage, love on, smile endlessly. Did I mention encourage? This has been the hardest journey so far that we have taken with mom. But we are walking with smiles and enthusiasm and confidence not knowing what the next day will bring.

The staff have also loved, hugged, encouraged and counseled me. Did I mention encouraged?

Belvedere is not where I planned to be with mom in her life, but I thank God often that we have these people!

Barbara Sullivan




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